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MCRI Career Scope:
The growing industry scenario always demands good quality professionals to lead the business. India already had a talent pool of scientific personnel to handle the pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemistry, discovery, biotech, and laboratory aspects of the business. But the profession of clinical research is entirely new in India and requires certain specific cognitive and communication skills. This new profession demands roles such as a clinical research associate, clinical team leader project manager, manager-clinical trial supplies, quality assurance manager, medical and regulatory affairs manager, data manager data entry operator, and head of clinical operations.
The CR business in India has created several career models for graduates and postgraduates. This gives a plethora of opportunities to professionals from science, pharmacy, biotechnology, and medical sciences streams to look for a promising future career. India has today approximately 600,000 physicians, 400,000 pharmacists, and 300,000 bio-science graduates and postgraduates. Furthermore, the educational institutions in India generate a further 50,000-60,000 graduates and postgraduates in different streams of science every year.
Over last decade, there is an increasing focus on India’s capabilities for quality clinical research. Clinical Research outsourcing is a young industry worth about 118 million dollars per year in India, and still growing strong. Analysts predict that it will be worth 380 million dollars by 2010 as American and European companies are looking to India for cutting cost of drug development. An Ernst and Young study has identified the country as an emerging center for collaborative and outsourced research & drug development, biotechnology and chemicals.
Center Watch has predicted that by 2010, the industry will spend around US$250 – $300 million on clinical trials in India. McKinsey estimates much higher figure of US$ 1-1.5 billion (See figure below). The compound annual growth rates (2002 to 2010) of Indian clinical trials range from 30-50 percent! This rapid acceleration of market will create huge challenges for medical manpower and healthcare infrastructure.
Resources 2022
CR Market US $30-35 m US $250-300 m US $1.5b
GC PStudies 40-50 250-300 1500-2000
GCP Trained Investigator 200-250 2500-3000 10000-15000
Subject Required 4000-5000 50000-60000 200000-300000
CR Professionals 120-150 1500-1800 6000-9000
Working with MCRI:
Manavata Clinical Research Institute is always on the lookout for freshers and experienced clinical research professionals, who have the urge to share and explore their abilities, knowledge, experience and valuable time with us. If you believe that you can contribute to our Teaching Process, Clinical Research Associates then please drop your CV at: and we will revert at the earliest.